YNI Team

This is how we do it.

We were just a tight group of people dedicated to the craft of product building. We’ve grown with every skill web software needs to be successful. From the first concept to the grand release.

How We Work

Our working, living and even resting culture is constantly improved with simpler solutions, and apps play a great role in that process. We at YNI are often amazed with some of the brilliant ideas our potential clients bring to the table, thinking–how does one come up with something like that. We like that the part before we get the spec is a wonderful mystery of each individual project, but what happens after–is our field of expertise.

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We Provide Online Learning
Training & Team Events

There’s nothing more exciting than going out there and saying why what you do matters. We love to listen to what others do; we love to share what we’ve done. So… when and where would you like to talk?

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