YNI IT | Work Flow
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I want to build a new product

You have an idea that needs to be validated, Let’s start with a Minimum Viable Product, then iterate and add new features.

I need to scale an existing product

Your application is up and running, but you need a development team to scale it quickly and grow your business.

Shaping the Plan

At the early discovery stage, we step in to help you shape your idea and provide you with a rough plan of what needs to be done.


01 Defining scope and ballpark estimation

You bring the idea to the table, and together we establish the Minimum Viable Product—a product with just enough features to satisfy early customers and to provide feedback for future development. We form a business analysis team which studies your primary requirements and does some prep-work analyzing your existing data, competition, and business model.


Your Role: Sharing your experience and knowledge, providing additional information if needed.
Our Role: Analyzing materials and your market, suggesting and delivering first estimation.

02 Kick-off  Workshop

We finally meet in person and it’s time to make a deep dive—over the course of minimum two workshop days we discuss your user base, business, and technical needs. At this stage, you meet your account manager and potential team members—a project manager, developers, and designers.


Your Role: Meeting the team for two days, explaining your expectations, keeping an open mind.
Our Role: Running workshops, suggesting processes, solutions, and technology choices based on our past experience and your needs.
Your app’s business logic will evolve once we start the development, but this step provides us with a basis around which we can align business goals and design decisions.

03 Workshop Deliverables

After workshops, our team needs a few days to deliver the first artifacts that will be used after we jump into development. Those deliverables are created based on your product’s needs and all the information we collect in the course of the workshops.


Your Role: Providing feedback to delivered materials.
Our Role: Preparing wireframes/sitemap, user stories, drafting team proposals, detailed estimates, and a roadmap.

Sprint 0

Week one is the implementation phase and entails setting up the environment, downloading relevant technologies, establishing processes, and everything in between. Together, we prioritize the backlog of app features for design and development.


Your Role: Providing feedback if needed.
Our Role: Setting everything up.


Subsequent sprints focus on implementing user stories related to specific features. The Agile methodology guarantees that our work aligns with your vision—we stay in frequent communication and do regular iterations. The final results of each sprint will be presented during a demo meeting after which a feature will be either directed for reworking or placed in the waiting line for deployment/release. Daily standups, planning, and retrospective meetings help us maintain momentum and build trust within the team.


Your Role: Providing regular feedback, staying in touch with the team.
Our Role: Building beautiful, reliable software.


We push your app to the production! If you decide it’s time to ask your beta users for feedback, our product design experts will be your partners here. They will arrange and run interviews with users, and document them, outlining the most important insights. Based on that and a retrospective meeting we hold for the production team, we plan future sprints.


Your Role: Celebrating! And working with us on the scaling strategy.
Our Role: Definitely not slowing down. Planning future iterations and starting new ones.