Real Estate Fund

The purpose of the Fund is to invest in equity, equity related, debt instruments and/or alternative investment structures in real estate and real estate related projects and companies in India in accordance with, and subject to, applicable FDI Regulations. The Fund will invest in projects and companies in all sectors, focused on, but not limited to, the leisure, retail, commercial and residential sectors.

The fund will work with companies having extensive and successful track record in the construction, execution, development and management of real estate projects in India which will allow the fund to leverage of their extensive research and real estate experience in the sectors in which the fund intends to invest.

The Indian real estate sector has gradually transformed from its unorganized nature of business to an increasingly organized formal sector. The number of stakeholders including real estate developers, financial institutions and the buyers (end-users as well as investors) increasing significantly, driven in part by macro-economic factors and new rules and regulations relating to FDI which have enhanced capital flow into the Indian real estate market. The implementation of significant economic reforms such as demonetisation, RERA and GST has further increased the transparency, accountability and ease of doing business in the Indian real estate sector.